1st and 2nd of April 2016

Novi Fokus Niš plakat

About the festival

The international film festival Novi Fokus Niš will aim to initiate the marginalized and/or forgotten dialogue on architecture. The festival will include not only screenings of films on pressing matters, but also a panel discussion with international speakers. The theme of the discussion, and also the main theme of the first edition of the festival will be Architecture without architects. We also think that dialogue on architecture shouldn’t be practiced by the few – Ivy league universities, state capitals which possess the biggest capital, investors, but by all – because we all live in the built environment. That’s why the festival will be held in the city of Niš, instead in the Serbian capital, which could result with the shift of architectural and cultural scene to the new cultural focal point.


April 1 @ Kupina cinema
17:00 Opening
17:05 - 18:00 Coast Modern (55min)
Mike Bernard, Gavin Froome
Break 10min
18:10 - 19:10 Mies Van Der Rohe
- Architecture as language (5:05)
Alexandre Favre

Skyline Memory Vanish in Thin Air (22:35)
Betriz Ruibal

The Learn’d (2:35)
Victor Vroegindeweij (for KAAN Architecten)

Worldcraft (6:05)
Future of Storytelling (for BIG)

The BIG U (4:17)
Squint/Opera (for BIG)

2 World trade center (3:03)
Squint/Opera and BIG

Superkilen (8:23)

The Spiral (2:00)
Squint/Opera (for BIG)
Break 10min
19:20 - 21:00 Rotterdam 2040 (1h32min)
Gyz La Rivière
21:00 Night session @ Deli prostor

So da Dusseldorf
Kuesti Fraun

New York (never) sleeps
Alfonso Nogueroles

Ridotto Mattioni
Luca Ferri

A Society of Services
Luca Ferri

Urban Conformation 74-19
Florian Rouzaud Cornabas

Roca London Gallery
BIG Face Art

Music by
April 2 @ Kupina cinema Morning session
12:00 Lecture @ Deli prostor
Indifferent Architect
Ljubica Slavković
16:00 - 17:20 @ Kupina cinema
Christiania - 40 Years of Occupation (1h20min)
Robert Lawson, Richard Jackman
Break 10min
17:30 - 18:15 Torre David(21:58)
Daniel Schwartz and Markus Kneer

MK’S Upstaits shack (6:45)
Daniel Schwartz

Gran Horizonte (15:00)
Daniel Schwartz with Martin Andersson
Break 10min
18:25 - 19:00 Komad grada (4.10)
LIFT-space initiatives and “Grupa arhitekata”

(L)ost Berlin (3:07)
Haruna Honcoop

Looking for Gromit (2:45)
Marie Duval

Capacities (0.09)
Kuesti Fraun

Effort (1:00)
Kuesti Fraun

Broken Horizon (4:44)
Simone Hooymans

Sun City (3:06)
Qi Dong Peng

Don’t Sell yourself short (3.14)
Borys Wrzeszcz

Our Belgrade Waterfront (5.19)
A. Đorđević-Petrović, K. Ćirilović-Popović, L. Tilinger, Lj. Slavković

Smart Songdo Song (5:30)
Sylvia Winkler, Stephan Köperl
Break 15min
19:15 - 21:00 “School’s out!” Debate
Turncoats event @ Novi Fokus Niš
21:00 Night session Club Labeerint
Music by
Bad Robots & Sharlo
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School's out

School's out

Saturday 2nd April 19:30 @ Kupina cinema

Architectural education is stagnant, antiquated, and irrelevant. Greedy universities, chasing size, power and fees are accepting hoards of students with no prospect of a fulfilling career as architects. Generations of disillusioned CAD monkeys and copy­cats are churned out doomed to scroll vapid blogs, superficially emulating out of context. Time to turn the tables on our teachers, forget everything we’ve learned and start from scratch.


Ljubica Slavković

Ljubica Slavković is a Belgrade-based architect and researcher. Her understanding of architecture is reflected in the complexity of the city and her interest lies in a wide spectar of urban-cultural aspects, as well as education. She has published more than 200 articles for local and international magazines and was awarded at the 36th Annual Serbian Salon of Architecture in the category of Architectural Criticism. She is an editor and project menager at the Center for Cultural Decontamination, editor of Kamenzind magazine, and an activist of Citizens Initiative Ne da(vi)mo Beograd.


Jelica Jovanović

Graduate engineer of architecture, graduated at Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade. From 2013 PhD student of University of Technology Vienna, Faculty of Architecture, Institute for Art History, Archaeology and

Preservation. Founder and member of NGO Grupa arhitekata (GA). Coordinator of regional project Unfinished Modernisations. Project coordinator and web editor of DOCOMOMO Serbia; secretary general 2010-2013. Trainee of Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB), Central Institute of Conservation of Serbia (CIK), Belgrade Open School (Beogradska otvorena škola – BOŠ), Europa Media and IAESTE. OeAD One Month Visit scholar and SAIA researcher. Junior assistant at Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade 2008-2010.

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Milan Stevanović

Milan Stevanović is a Serbian architect and 3D artist, with a soft spot for Scandinavian architecture and lifestyle. He got his Master’s Degree in Architecture from Niš University in 2013. Prior to his graduation he was

involved in numerous projects in Serbia and abroad, from small residential houses to government project.
At the beginning of 2015 he found A+ studio, a studio whose main focus is architecture and architectural visualization with occasional adventures in field of graphic design.

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Nikola Andonov

Nikola Andonov Is a founder od MADA studio which he runs with a few friends and a lot of success. He is the initiator of the Belgrade’s Fab Lab, a multidisciplinary workshop focusing on a digital fabrication, and the initiator

of the related conference – FABelgrade.

His biggest professional success so far has been in 2012, when he and a group of architects represented Serbia at La Biennale di Venezia, International Exhibition of Architecture, with the project named “JEDAN:STO/100”.

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Borys Wrzeszcz

Borys Wrzeszcz studied architecture in Poland, Slovenia, Chile and finally graduated MA on Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 2014. He is member of non-profit architectural global platform called

(Emergency Architecture and Human Rights) and for living runs his own office in Poland.

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@ Novi Fokus Nis


The debate will be entirely done in cooperation with Turncoats team, and according to the Turncoats society.

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