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Biro4321 is a newly founded, non-profit organization, established by two architecture students, determined to change and challenge architectural education, in Nis, Serbia. Dissatisfied with general state of architectural education in Serbia, and particularly in the city of Niš, we aim to find and offer alternative ways of learning and understanding architecture, to students, but also to the general public. Through our work, we are trying to engage students in informal education, through lectures, exhibitions, events etc. Turnout is large, and students’ reactions are more than positive. Biro4321 is located in „Deli prostor“, in the core of a future creative district of Nis. Biro4321 and Novi Fokus Niš was founded by Sanja Cvetković and Djordje Jović.

The team

  • Djordje Jović
    Djordje Jović Founder

    PhD student of Architecture at Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad

  • Sanja Cvetković
    Sanja Cvetković Founder

    5th year student of Architecture at Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Niš

  • Marko Gejo
    Marko Gejo Editor

    5th year student of Architecture at Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Niš

  • Ana Curk
    Ana Curk Team Leader

    4th year student of Architecture at Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Niš

  • Aleksandra Cvetković
    Aleksandra Cvetković PR

    5th year student of Architecture at Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Niš

  • Nikola Vidojević
    Nikola Vidojević Creative Director

    3rd year student of Architecture at Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Niš


  • Nikola Andonov
    Nikola Andonov

    Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Belgrade in 2011.

    His biggest professional success so far has been in 2012, when he and a group of architects represented Serbia at La Biennale di Venezia, International Exhibition of Architecture, with the project

    named ”JEDAN:STO/100”.

    He is a winner of several local and international awards in the field of architecture, design and film.For the last three years, with a few friends and a lot of success, he runs the architectural studio – MADA.

    He is the initiator of the Belgrade’s Fab Lab, a multidisciplinary workshop focusing on a digital fabrication, and the initiator of the related conference – FABelgrade.

    In his free time, he leads architectural tours through Belgrade.


  • Nenad Stojanović
    Nenad Stojanović

    He has graduated from the Faculty of Occupational Safety in 2000. and he has been a part of civil sector networks since 1999.

    He has been the initiator and the leader of more than 50 independent projects, and provided more than half million euros for local initiatives.

    In domain of business and economy, he has worked in the Center for Free Elections and Democracy CeSID, Center for Civil Society Development PROTECTA, Nis Investment Forum, and he has been the director of PROAKTIV, Nis from 2010. While working in Nis Investment Forum, he helped in bringing major investors to the city of Nis.With a group of colleagues, he co-founded the Deli Space in Nis – a space for creative activities.


  • Haris Piplas
    Haris Piplas

    Haris received his postgraduate degree in Urban Design at the Technical University of Berlin.

    He has collected academic and professional experience in Germany, Denmark and Italy.

    Since 2011 he is affiliated to the ETH Zurich and its Urban-Think Tank

    Chair of Architecture and Urban

    Designwhere he works in teaching and coordinates a research project on urban transformations in Central-Eastern Europe.
    He has published several articles in magazines and contributed to various publications. He was Editor of the Journal of the “European Federation for Landscape Architecture”.
    His positions include the Scientific Committee at the UN SCBD Network “MediverCities”, the Advisory Board for the Built Environment Symposium at the European Forum Alpbach and the ULI Germany “Building Healthy Places” initiative.


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