Who can participate?


We are interested in your work, your perspective on the curent state of architecture and relation between architecture and general public. That is why we need as many films as we can get – in order to get much needed variety, lacking in debates on architecture!

What kind of films are going to be accepted?

-We will accept all short and feature lenght films, which can contribute to a debate on architecture. We want to include films which present and question present and future architecture, but also ever shifting architectural profession.

What happens if your film isn’t shortlisted for this year’s edition?

-We will keep you informed about all details needed, and will most likely make your film a part of next year’s edition.

Is there a submission deadline?

-Yes! For this years edition, we are accepting submisions until 21st of March, 2016.

Where can I buy tickets for the movies and for the debate, and how much are they?

-Entrance to the screenings and the panel discussion is free! But you need to reserve your spot. You can do that on our site in Apply section, or in person. We are located at Deli prostor, and we are there every workday fom 10am to 4pm.

Why can’t I just come to watch a movie, or attend the debate?

-Unfortunately, our sitting capacities are very limited. In order to make the event most comfortable for all, we need to know the number of people comming in advance.

But, can i just show up to watch a movie or attend the debate, without registration?

-No. Sorry.

The event is still free?

-Yes! Just fill out the application form and come to the venue 10 minutes eariler!

Why should I dedicate my free time to your festival?

-Because you will become a part of the first architecture film festival in the Balkans!

What will I learn?

-You will, together with us, learn how to organize and postproduce a festival!


-Yes! And this festival is unique because it’s not just about movies! Our aim is to organize debates from which all of us will learn!

OK, but what are going to be my duties?

-You will have to learn how to manage various social media accounts, a bit about design, and making of the publication. But, most important part of your experience should be communication with architects and filmmakers from around the world.

What do I need, in order for my volunteering aplication to be accepted?

-No special skils are needed! We need you to be highly interested and motivated!


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.